Free Events

Oval / Frank Bretschneider /
Carl Michael von Hausswolff
+ Film Screening

Friday 24 September
Rotherham Central Library & Arts Centre
Walker Place, Rotherham S65 1JH. Map

Aftershow party: Black Dog / Noel Kilbride /
Friday 24th September 11pm onwards. The Bridge Inn, Rotherham. Map

Evol / Grischa Lichtenberger / Mark Fell*
Saturday 25 September
St. Anns School for Boys, the corner of St. Leonards and St. Anns Road. Map
Please wear warm clothes and suitable footware!

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Download full programme (PDF, 136Kb)

Free Exhibitions

Carsten Nicolai . unitxt
Audio visual installation.
4 September – 2 October
Private view/preview 3 September
Rotherham Central Library & Arts Centre
Walker Place, Rotherham S65 1JH. Map
Opening times: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 9am-4.45pm

Toxic ambience*, Group Exhibition
With works by Ernest Edmonds, Paul Emery, Mark Fell, Joe Gilmore, Kayleigh Morris, Richard Sides and Rian Treanor
21 September – 25 September
St. Anns School for Boys, the corner of St. Leonards and St. Anns Road. Map
Opening times 1pm-5pm

*Includes the premier of a new piece by Fell for high power white laser and multichannel sound, made possible by a Performing Rights Society Foundation New Works award.

Free Educational Events

The Expanded Image, experimental moving image works for children

17 September
William Rose in collaboration with Sarah Handley present an engaging program of artist-made abstract film works curated for children.
Rotherham Arts Centre Studio Theatre. Map

Chris Watson: The Natural Sonic Environment, Listening and Sound
A session about listening, environmental sound recording, and the sound of nature.
1 October
Rotherham Arts Centre Studio Theatre. Map
schools session 1:30pm to 2:45pm FULL.
EXTRA SESSION ANNOUNCED 7pm to 7:45pm. Due to massive demand Chris has agreed to hold another session in the evening - families welcome. please email if you plan to attend and arrive promptly!

Theo Burt: Acoustics, Psychoacoustics and Digital Sound Synthesis
28-29-30 September
Three linked sessions exploring the physical and mathematical nature of sound and hearing followed by experimentations in digital sound synthesis. At Rawmarsh City Learning Centre
age range:11 to 15 year olds. FULL

Exhibition Tours
Tours of the festival exhibitions for schools and community groups, including discussion and activities lead by three recent fine art graduates.
21–25 September, 1pm to 5pm
Various locations, times 1pm am – 2:30pm tbc. Age range: ANY. Some places left.

NOTE: Educational events are for schools. They are free but places are limited and require pre-booking. For further information contact

Curatorial statement

Chromatologies brings together highly acclaimed international artists to the wonderful market town of Rotherham. We are delighted to host UK premier performances of Oval's ‘O’ and Frank Bretschneider’s ‘EXP’; the first ever UK performance by Grischa Lichtenberger; and a new version of Carsten Nicolai's highly acclaimed audio visual installation ‘unitxt’. We are equally delighted to offer a platform to recent local graduates Richard Sides and Rian Treanor who have already demonstrated the potential for prolific international careers.

Two town centre venues will host performance events and art exhibitions: Rotherham Central Library & Arts Centre, a superb example of brutalist architecture, and the St. Ann’s building, a former school now in a state of relative disrepair. Through a series of extraordinary works and performances we hope to transform these interesting and contrasting spaces.


The Chromatologies festival promotes a belief that art is primarily about experience, not understanding; about the act of seeing and hearing - not an intellectual analysis of what is seen or heard. Our bias—although firmly rooted in the experimental—is overtly populist, removing the barrier between expert and popular audience and promoting experimental work to everyone. Furthermore, the response of all is treated with equal validity. Our belief is that Rotherham presents a receptive audience for this highly challenging experiential work, for this reason we brought the highest quality international art to Rotherham and made it free to all.

Mat Steel and Mark Fell (aka snd) festival directors.

About the artists and events

Markus Popp (aka Oval) is a pioneer of contemporary electronic music. His recorded works have drawn massive critical and popular acclaim and display an intricate and mesmerising beauty. described him as “the new Eno” and charted his albums in the top 100 records of the decade. After several years of silence, his newest epic ‘O’ receives its UK premier at Chromatologies.


Frank Bretschneider

Bretschneider began his artistic carreer in East German musical underground of the 1980s with tape experiments and a cassette label. Throughout his practice he has focussed on the exchange between visual art and music, an interest that he has developed into his newest and and most sophisticated work ‘EXP’. Described as “digital pointillism” Exp takes the audience on a journey into highly synchronised sonic and visual structures. A fascinating, utterly exhilarating work.


Carl Michael von Hausswolff

CM von Hausswolff, a Swedish artist and composer active since the late 1970s, uses electronic and concrete sounds to investigate conceptual and physical matter. His works are
intense tonal studies of electricity and frequency functions. Over the duration of his performance Hausswolff develops complex polyfrequential tonal passages which propel the audience to intense trance like states: a very physical experience.

cm von hausswolff

Mark Fell
Fell, born Brinsworth UK 1966, brings together interests in computational technologies, non-musical sound synthesis, oppositional aesthetics, and irregular encounters with time and space. Described as “One of digital music's leading innovators”, his recent DVD was hailed as “a minor masterpiece”, “a beautiful work – provocative in all its simplicity” and “a sample of serious borderline activity”. Fell's new work, made possible by a Performing Rights Society Foundation award, explores the simultaneous visualisation and sonification of mathematical functions using laser light and multichannel sound.

mark fell

mark fell


Since the late nineties, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros and his collaborators have been producing what they call “computer music for hooligans”, inspired by fractal geometry, quantum theory and rave culture. A vortex of generative basslines, air horns, strangely familiar vocalisations and noise, their music displays a radical and playful approach to algorithmic composition. At chromotologies Evol performs the UK premiere of RAVE SLIME!



Grischa Lichtenberger

Grischa Lichtenberger, born Bielefeld 1983, is involved in a variety of arts such as writing, graphics, installations, video and music. For his recent album he recorded sounds from the world around him like a sliding table top, the noise of a radiator or the droning of a broken machine. By means of digital manipulation these sounds become instruments. For his performance at St Anns Grischa will perform with materials found in the building.

grischa lichtenberger

Carsten Nicolai . unitxt

Carsten Nicolai, born 1965 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, is a visual artist, composer and musician who lives and works in Berlin and Chemnitz. Nicolai is one of a generation of artists working intensively in the area between art and science. As a visual artist, mainly creating objects and installations, Nicolai seeks to overcome the separation of art forms and genres by with a holistic artistic approach. Thus he seeks to overcome the separation of the sensual perceptions of man, by making sound and light frequencies perceivable for both eyes and ears, to sensitise the viewer to the connection of different sensory levels.

carsten nicolai

The title unitxt could be read as ‘unit extended’ (referring to a unit of a rhythmic grid) or ‘universal text’. The visuals of unitxt are based on the real-time manipulation and modulation of software and hardware-generated patterns by an audio signal, hence the resulting images constantly change without any recurrence. In this presentation of the work the original projected visuals are reproduced to infinity by the addition of mirrored walls, expanding the spatial impression and increasing the immersive experience.


Toxic Ambience Group Exhibition

From the 20th to the 24th of September St. Anns School for Boys, a large unused Victorian building close to Rotherham town centre, hosts a group show of artworks using sound, image and found objects to reinterpret and transform the dramatic interior space. With works from Ernest Edmonds, Paul Emery, Mark Fell, Joe Gilmore, Kayleigh Morris, Richard Sides and Rian Treanor. The show presents a thought-provoking range of approaches and materials in response to the space.

Ernest Edmonds

Ernest Edmonds was born in London and studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Leicester University. His art is in the constructivist tradition and he first used computers in his art practice in 1968. He first showed an interactive work with Stroud Cornock in 1970 and generative time-based computer work in London in 1985. As well as being a pioneering computer artist, he is recognised as leading figure in the study of human-computer interaction, creativity and art with over two hundred refereed publications.

ernest edmonds

Paul Emery

Paul Emery works in digital art and design, is an associate senior lecturer in digital media at Leeds Metropolitan University's Faculty of Art, Environment and Technology, and is a founder member of the School of Interactive and Algorithmic Art. In addition to his educational work, Paul is the director of Seen, a digital design studio and collaborative research platform based in Leeds engaging the field of graphic, motion and installation design via computational and process orientated methods. His practice ranges from large scale projection systems and generative media, to interaction design and educational workshops.

paul emery

Joe Gilmore

Gilmore, born Luton 1968, is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer based in Leeds. Working primarily with sound and print media his practice deals with human perceptual mechanisms, the nature of consciousness and being. In doing so however Gilmore’s greater achievement is the synthesis and uncovering of a precision-aesthetics at the outer edge of human tolerance.

joe gilmore

Kayleigh Morris

Throughout her practice, Leeds based artist Kayleigh Morris explores, reuses and reinterprets abandoned objects. Her three dimensional works are often determined by the materials she is able to find or obtain. Morris’ intrigue for these materials is based in an exploration of how we transpose our identities on to inanimate objects through our day to day activities; she closely considers how we respond through interaction with the inanimate object in functional and non-functional manner.

kayleigh morris

Richard Sides

Richard Sides (b. 1985) works with a core of specific values or possibilities from which physical processes are generated; processes and patterns often concerned with an object’s relationship to its acoustic environment. Setting up relationships between various objects, happenings and technologies, whether humdrum or purposefully interconnected, the possible networks between ‘things’ become the focus of his compositions. Sides' exploration is rooted in mathematics, aesthetics, analysis systems, pattern formations, spectralism, structuralist film, performance and the production of audible visual objects.

richard sides

Rian Treanor

Rotherham born artist Rian Treanor is part of the Leeds arts collective ENJOY. He describes himself as "the leader in the field of borderline nothingness". The work shown as part of Chromatologies is taken from a series titled "I am Rian Treanor, I am more of everything else than I am myself" created in 2009/2010. The series explores ideas about identity, change and growth. In particular Treanor is concerned with the notion that the self is non-stable and subject to continual change which he explores in a variety of fragmented evolving multiple-media self-portraits.

rian treanor

rian treanor

The Expanded Image, experimental moving image works for children

Will Rose (independent curator of artists’ film and video) in collaboration with Sarah Handley (child psychologist) present a session of abstract film works curated for children. Moving images, in all their forms, are a pervasive and dominant part of modern visual culture; in response to this, Artists’ film and video can bring an entirely different perspective to the forms of mainstream cinema, advertising and television that we are all familiar with. This event offers a rare chance for a young audience to playfully and actively engage with new ways of watching and looking at the moving image. The programme will include the film 'Line Describing A Cone' (Anthony McCall, 1973) which involves emitting a light mist into the air so that the light beam of the projector becomes visible in the air. Gradually, over time, a solid cone of light is formed in the space which the audience are able to walk around, get inside, and interact with if different ways.

line describing a cone

Chris Watson: The Natural Sonic Environment, Listening and Sound

"Calling Chris a sound recordist is a bit like saying George Best could kick a ball about, or Michelangelo was handy with a paintbrush." Daily Telegraph 24th August 2010.

Chris Watson is a world leading, and BAFTA award winning, sound recordist with a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres from around the world. As a freelance recordist for film, television & radio, Chris Watson specialises in natural history and documentary and is well known for his work with Sir David Attenborough. His recorded works, noted for their exceptional detail and beauty, were listed in the Guardians ‘1000 albums to hear before you die’.

Watson will present his field recording work, with stories he has gathered from his extensive trips to remote and spectacular parts of the world, and recorded examples played back over a multi-channel surround sound system. We are incredibly delighted to have such a figure share his work with local school children. An unprecedented opportunity to hear and engage with a fascinating artist and his work.

chris watson

Theo Burt: Acoustics, Psychoacoustics and Digital Sound Synthesis

Burt is based at the University of York’s Music Research Centre working in cross-media and computational aesthetics. He will present three sessions covering the physics of sound and acoustics, investigations of human auditory perception, and experiments in programming for digital sound synthesis. Through a combination of discussion, demonstration, experiments and hands on activity, the sessions will aim to reveal and make tangible the physical and mathematical foundations of sound and music.

Exhibition Tours

From the 20th to the 24th of September tours of the festival exhibitions will be available to school or community groups. This will provide a critical context for the works as well activities designed to foster enjoyment and awareness of contemporary art practices. Tours will be lead by three recent fine art graduates who also have works included in the festival.
Getting Here

Bus & Train

Both venues – the Central Library Arts Centre, and St Anns – are within close walking distances of Rotherham Central train station and Rotherham Bus station. Rotherham has regular rail links to Sheffield and Doncaster and from there is easily reached from all areas of the UK.

The closest airports to Rotherham are Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport (DSA), Manchester (MAN), Liverpool John Lennon (LPL) and Nottingham East Midlands (EMA).

Rotherham is a few miles from junction 33 of the M1 motorway. Ample parking is provided adjacent to the Central Library and Arts Centre.


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